Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breakfast Nook Reading

Here is my idea of a good morning. Some nice green tea, mixed nuts, and good fashion and photog books. I actually love this Fashion Now book- you can get different versions at Barnes & Noble. The fashion version has breakdowns on the most influential designers of our time. Gearing up to be good day today......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspiration Photo

This photo says it all......Your day gets ALOT better after a shellac nail manicure! This was my first time trying this and I am extremely happy with the outcome. It's AMAZING. It's a UV Gel polish that is layered onto your nail like normal polish is, but each layer is cured under UV light. It lasts for 2 weeks without chipping. It isn't thick like those nasty acrylics, and it does not damage your nails.
I opted for a nice mocha brown color, since I have been doing pistachio almost all summer long- transition for the seasons. The skirt is Ann Taylor Loft - circa 2010, and the bracelets are recycled wrapped plastic African bracelets  from South Moon Under- R. $28-$48

Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Shirt, Same Perspective

With steamy after affects and cooler breezes from this weeks storms, I decided to showcase the perfect mid summer Day to Night look. 
I just picked up the most lovely Trouve Sheer Chiffon Duster from Nordstrom's Anniversary sale-$49 in Rose-Memoir color. This perfect shade of nude is a color I go for quite often. There is something to be said about neutral hue's and how they look on tan summer skin. This perfect calf length shirt can be the perfect accent to a casual day look, a bathing suit cover up, or a little jacket for an evening wedding. I love the versatility and can't wait to carry this over into fall. 
The day look consists of aviators, 2 necklaces made by local Richmond Va jewelery designers- rabbit head necklace by Holly 
and shell necklace by Margie Chisalm a great designer that sells at the 14th St. Market, Micheal Stars tank top, J. Crew shorts, and Eileen Fisher gladiators.
Now for after hours we simply transition the shorts for a soft high low dress from Covet- bought at Glass Boat in Carytown, House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Button earrings, gold cuff from Nordstrom's, chocolate clutch from South Moon Under and my lovely Micheal Kohr's Carla platforms.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Funny Prints, Wide Legs and Platforms

Two years ago some random person told me I looked like Zoe Saldana I am positive I look NOTHING like Zoe Saldana- but I was wholly grateful for the compliment. It's like giving me an even BIGGER compliment which is "Hey you know who you remind me of...I can't put my finger on it...Oh WAIT that actress Thandie Newton!!! Yeah that's it!"
2 insanely beautiful women with impeccable style. The truth is I look like myself and that's just fine by me, but in researching my post today I found this lovely photo of Zoe rocking some very cool high waisted Hippie style.
A La 1969- I am certain that I was born in the wrong fashion era, but I am holding on strong and bringing back every ounce of my vagabond style.
Now I would think that most people would be over the high waist looks- some may say they are "Mom pants", or give to much discomfort. I on the other hand think they are one of the most FLATTERING articles of clothing in fashion, and I love that they keep resurfacing. From BDG high rise colored denim jeans @ Urban Outfitters to these summer version of the Level 99 Sierra brand that I am wearing from Anthropologie.
Even the first Lady Michelle needs a little "high" fashion every now and again.
Retro Style.....I love the lightness of a top in the breeze. The simplicity of a printed scarf wrapped carelessly around ones neck. The fine texture of applique and natural stones. I love the density of color in a fine skirt and then when they turn it's chain reaction of good feelings it gives my senses.
Stevie Nicks
To quote the American writer, Galett Burgess: BohemiaTo take the world as one finds it, the bad with the good, making the best of the present moment—to laugh at Fortune alike whether she be generous or unkind—to spend freely when one has money, and to hope gaily when one has none—to fleet the time carelessly, living for love and art—this is the temper and spirit of the modern Bohemian in his outward and visible aspect. It is a light and graceful philosophy, but it is the Gospel of the Moment, this esoteric phase of the Bohemian religion; and if, in some noble natures, it rises to a bold simplicity and naturalness, it may also lend its butterfly precepts to some very pretty vices and lovable faults, for in Bohemia one may find almost every sin save that of Hypocrisy. ...His faults are more commonly those of self-indulgence, thoughtlessness, vanity and procrastination, and these usually go hand-in-hand with generosity, love and charity; for it is not enough to be one’s self in Bohemia, one must allow others to be themselves, as well. ...What, then, is it that makes this mystical empire of Bohemia unique, and what is the charm of its mental fairyland? It is this: there are no roads in all Bohemia! One must choose and find one’s own path, be one’s own self, live one’s own life.Wow.....
My outfit:The aviators, corduroy's and belt are from Anthropologie, the shirt is a body suit from American Apparel circa 2010, necklace from market in Belize, and the bag is my most prize possession a 1970's vintage bag from Morocco bought on Portobello Rd in London.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Pearl Joy's Guide to 2012 Fall Fashion

This upcoming Fall 2012 is set to be one of the most spectacular I have seen in MANY years. The fashion runway shows were not only breathtaking but awe inspiring! Never have I seen such clean, adult like style that I felt so compelled to emulate. I am very excited to get out and scour my favorite shops and vintage abodes for the perfect "MUST HAVES" of the season. With my new inspiring city surroundings I find myself drawn towards "Strong Women" style. Which is perfect because Fashionista's this season predict this will be the go to term for not only designer goods but the occassional knock offs. The looks I am most drawn to drive home feminine touches, embellishments beyond our comprehension, western wear and colliding patterns.
Defenition of Beauty: having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: And no one, no one does it better this Fall than BALMAIN.
The display of beauty and pleasure that Balmain gave to my senses, rejuvenated in me a sense of relief that fashion is truly "my art". Besides my love of Yoga and Travel, Fashion is the closest thing to visual stimulation than the new "Marina Abramovic- The Artist is Present" Documentary on HBO.
Other designer inspirations include: CARVEN
My interpretation:
CHRISTIAN DIOR Coneflower pull over top-R.$88- When you need something easy, simple, well fitting and cheap check out the new MADEWELL Fall 2012 line-
I know I will!!!I have already been living in my new Madewell Coneflower pull over shirt and straight leg jeans.
On the accessory and shoe front I am LOVING stackable bangles in all colors & textures. My new go to bracelet is courtesy of a recent purchase from my friend Kathleen's new shop "Champagne and Shoes"
I am living in my new Micheal Kohr's Carla platforms in Nude- R.$158
I love them so much I will be purchasing in black as well. Korh's has the ability to create heels for work and play that are practical, wide enough and feel like water slipping over your foot- HEAVEN! I will also be recycling my Chocolate Frye Jane boots-R.$297 These were a great buy, with great versatility to my wardrobe- not to mention a ton of compliments.