Sunday, January 20, 2013

Power to the She and Other Bird News

 Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Take a deep breath. Slide your knee forward. Slide other leg back as far as it can go. Breath out. Bring thighs in energetically together. Breath in. Sink deeper. Fingertips to the floor. Lengthen your back. Bend forward on elbows. Breath out. Release to the floor. It's ok to cry. That's just your emotions releasing. Breath in. Raise up. Smile bright and open your heart.

Ahhhhh Pigeon. That elusive bird that coo's in the wee hours of the morning hunting for food. The deliverer of culture changing information, with their little talons holding onto messages in times of war. Was that also the same bird that I saw living on that guy in Washington Square Park in NYC in the fall? Um Yeah.

I decided to conquer this pose in my newest Spring Fashion LookBook #2, and boy did it give me a new love of this yummy asana. I used to dread this in class, but now thinking of how grand one legged KING pigeon sounds and feels, I think I can hold this in Yin class a little longer. It's nice to face those mental challenges look at them as roads to tackle then head in the right direction. Don't always face the easy way just b/c it's so. Face your fears head on, and remember we are a culture of "doing. Getting things done. A culture of "Human Doing". We cannot just be-Human Beings.

When done correctly Pigeon can:
  • Stimulate the internal organs
  • Stretch deep glutes
  • Stretch groins and psoas (a long muscle on the side of your vertebral column and pelvis)
  • Relieve impinged piriformis and alleviate sciatic pain
  • Help with urinary disorders
For the lay person or yogi, pigeon pose elongates the back, opens the hips, groin, hamstrings, and relieves pressure on the lower back and sciatica.
Check out this link to practice your pigeon @ home:

Top: Breath Tank
Bottom: Skirts Got Legs- completely seamless!
Isle Legwarmers
Iona Scarf by Echo
Harmony Jade Yoga Mat in teal
To get all these styles: Check out Athleta-

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Image Beyond Fashion

As I have stated in prior posts, this Fall, I am more excited about fashion than I can remember in seasons past. Not just because of what is out there from Balmain, to Celine, to weekend bags, and gypsy styles, to color block scarves, and full on glitz- that is all well and good. The reason I wake up everyday anxious to layer on my trance worthy looks, is because I finally feel I am coming into a style all my own.

I feel like I have hit that peak of what my fashion and art is really all about- for me. I appreciate more than ever what it means to own a quality garment and what it takes to edit a look.
I think with age, crossing over into my 30's, I truly appreciate my own beauty and feel comfortable in my skin. When you finally realize that you have come into your own and found a way to express your creations, it feels like you are sharing something truly beautiful, and very personal.

I am obsessed with the cool style of London chic. Jane Birkin and Stella Mccartney are my muses for my Bohemian Smart looks for Fall 2012 and beyond. I am also enamored with Stella Blow. The Mcqueen mentor and eccentric stylist is best known for her dominating looks and "BLOW" inspired fascinators. Nicole Ritchie for her ever changing ability to mix prints and textures and still look like it was always meant to be paired together. I also love Cate Blanchett, Victoria Beckham and Dianne Kruger-fierce and actually the Olsen twins have a tremendous ability to own what they wear, and feel completely confident in their decision making.

So as we all cross over into fall together, I wanted to share my Fall Look Book. See if you can see these top fashion icons in the 4 following looks ahead.

Style With Me:
Only Mine Cashmere Sweater- R. $79 Nordstroms (Christmas gift from my Hubby)
Ghandi T-Shirt
J.Crew cutoffs
Wool Socks- Urban Outfitter's
Steve Madden boots
Club Monaco cashmere hat

Style With Me:
Ruffle Front Blouse- J.Crew- R. $78
Satin Trumpet Skirt- Cache- R. $25 (on sale)
Peacock Feather Belt- Urban Outfitter's
Bracelet- Nordstrom's
Silver Ring- inherited from Grandmother
Black Riding Boots 2011- Kork Ease- R. $125

Style With Me: Celine + Dolce and Gabbana inspired look!
Cobalt Blue Oversize Coat- Helene Berman London- R. $198 (on sale)
This coat is my claim to fame this Fall season. This jacket has allowed me to up my fashion playing card.
Wool Button Back Sweater- Vallette
Brocade Peplum Skirt 2007- TopShop London
Necklace- J.Crew
Stud Earrings- Cache
Ray- Ban glasses
Michael Kohr's heels

Style With Me:
Mink Pink printed Blouse- Need Supply-R. $88
Black Tank- Nordstrom's
Sangria Skinny Jeans- Cache- R. $98
Purse- Nordstrom's- R. $130 (on sale)
Earrings- Cache
Animal Print Skimmers- Madewell- R. $135
Ray - Ban Glasses


Thursday, September 13, 2012

DC Delights

How could I have lived 32 miles from one of the most eclectic, intriguing, and culturally diverse cities and not visited some of the places that I did this past weekend in our nations capitol, Washington, DC. Growing up so close to DC, you become desensitized to what a phenomenal city it truly is.
I decided for my 31st birthday, I would treat myself to some small luxuries of the Capitol Hill area. This historic district is dare I say the epicenter of the city with the Capitol building overlooking all it's fellow monuments and mall dwellers. This area also separates the Northeast and Southeast portions of the city. I chose The Liason Capitol Hill, a unique modern boutique style hotel to rest for the night. It also houses the Art and Soul restaurant, a city favorite for grabbing a bite to eat. The hotel service was delightful, even putting cupcakes and vouchers for complimentary drinks in our room for my birthday.
Upon arriving in the city, we ventured over to the Capitol building. I wasn't expecting it to look like a Floridian embassy. Tropical flowers, palm trees you name it. We then headed over to the National Gallery of Art. I had never been to the gallery, and I was hoping I would get the same powerful affect that the Tate gave me in London, or The Gustav Klimt Museum in Vienna. We opted for the East Wing, with more contemporary viewings. I was especially in love with the Tower Gallery exhibit of Barnet Newman's linear painting series. The Stations of the Cross. Magnificent.
After entering the rabbit hole in the sculpture garden and cooling our feet in the infinity pool, we headed back to Liason to get ready for our amazing dinner at Aqua Al 2. This fresh food italian eatery is located near the Eastern Market, which was wrapping up it's Saturday produce and Flea Markets when we arrived. This area is so unique. I could see my husband and I settling in there and making a home. The ambiance in Aqua was quaint, clean and quirky. The food was fresh, organic, and so simply executed. My favorite part was the mascarpone cheese drizzled with olive oil, on a slice of french bread topped with fresh fig. Intense pleasure!! Our parting gift a nice satchel of basil seeds to grow at home.
Back at the hotel we drank fresh mojito's and watched a heat lightning storm on the rooftop by the pool. Sitting back in my graphic mixed media dress from Cache, I realized how blessed my life has truly been with my husband.
I had such a beautiful weekend and gained a new appreciation for a city that is calling my name.

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Art in Reality

 In 2009 I had the pleasure of backpacking across Europe, and ending up in Vienna, Austria. 
When I arrived I had no idea I was in the birth city of my favorite artist of all time, Gustav Klimt has He has shaped my artistic views since I realized there was such a thing.
His unconventional approach to color, texture, use of gold leaf and the image of women is what I see as modern and timeless. So misunderstood and hated by his generation, Gustav challenged the art world to see political, religious and sexual revolutions long before the 60's.
His Beethoven Frieze exhibit contains some of my favorite works.
 The Leopold Museum was an all day haven for me, and forced me to see Gustav as not only an artist but an inspiration to draw from for Fashion. 
                                        Interpretation from the "Tree of Life"
I bought this scarf for $3.00 from Ashby, a consignment shop in Carytown Richmond VA.

In honor of his 150th birthday, here are some other lovely works of art from my hero Gustav Klimt.

                              This picture is another great use of art guiding fashion from 1965.
The painting is "The Waiting". Photo Norman Parkinson, Pierre Cardin, Vogue UK, September 1965
                             Photo Norman Parkinson, Lanvin, Vogue UK, September 1965

"Whoever wants to know something about me – as an artist which alone is significant – they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want."
~ Klimt