Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Shirt, Same Perspective

With steamy after affects and cooler breezes from this weeks storms, I decided to showcase the perfect mid summer Day to Night look. 
I just picked up the most lovely Trouve Sheer Chiffon Duster from Nordstrom's Anniversary sale-$49 in Rose-Memoir color. This perfect shade of nude is a color I go for quite often. There is something to be said about neutral hue's and how they look on tan summer skin. This perfect calf length shirt can be the perfect accent to a casual day look, a bathing suit cover up, or a little jacket for an evening wedding. I love the versatility and can't wait to carry this over into fall. 
The day look consists of aviators, 2 necklaces made by local Richmond Va jewelery designers- rabbit head necklace by Holly 
and shell necklace by Margie Chisalm a great designer that sells at the 14th St. Market, Micheal Stars tank top, J. Crew shorts, and Eileen Fisher gladiators.
Now for after hours we simply transition the shorts for a soft high low dress from Covet- bought at Glass Boat in Carytown, House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Button earrings, gold cuff from Nordstrom's, chocolate clutch from South Moon Under and my lovely Micheal Kohr's Carla platforms.


  1. Awesomee!!

  2. I just love your style. I have noticed some of the places you shop at but could you tell me like 3 fave spots to shop?
    Im going to guess Anthro is one right?
    I need to update my wardrobe after having the baby...kinda looking to completely clean out my closet and start over. I love BOHO style but I also work in an office so I have to mix that into slacks and buisness casual wear...very possible but...would love advice on where you love to shop. My style is all over the place right now and its driving me nuts.

    1. AWWW- You are so sweet.
      I LOVE Anthropologie! My all time favorite go to place for those pieces that look eclectic and boho. I also love random shops like NEED Supply. Don't know if you have one near you but find one if you do or go online. I do Vintage alot too.

      And also I am really getting into Madewell. They have indie style BUT you can pick random pieces and match with your high end pieces and really get some unique looks.
      You need to narrow down your preference of looks for each season and really use that as a basis for how you pull together looks. Otherwise you are just buying wildly and buying every TRENDY thing for the season- NOT GOOD!!!
      Like this season I am going Bohemian Smart. That is what I am feeling like right now. I am also getting really inspired from Europe and I am tracking alot of activity in the London/English based fashion world too.

      All about loose fabrics and still my random hippie style to it, but I am throwing in some KEY random designer inspired wow factors. Like I just got this really "Smart" looking Helen Berman Lantern Coat from Nordstrom's in cobalt blue.London based designer. It is just a really Great color trend piece without having to go all in for the season with color on everything I buy. I can pair with neutrals.
      Something else that I am doing- and I will be doing an editorial on it is not only smart dressing but smart shopping- I am actually buying quality goods instead of buying multiple cheap pieces from H&M, Urban Outfitters- I mean it's ok to get stuff from there every once in a while BUT you end up wearing it one season and it falls apart, shrinks and you hate it after awhile b/c it is cheap and stupid. The stuff I splurge on are the only remaining things in my closet. I throw away everything I don't wear for a year or two after a season- just takes up space and I will never end up wearing it. Splurge on 1 really good item a month and you will feel WAY better about your purchase - it hurts at first but you end up appreciating it in the long run.

      If you want to save $ go to Ann Taylor loft for good work mixes, careful though pick GOOD cotton button ups- check them first also maybe some silk blends and Jcrew for Pencil skirts- they run you $79-$100 BUT they hold up and they hold "in" your tummy, and get a pair of PONTE pants or leggings this season- they feel like built in spanx. My store Cache, Ann Taylor, Express and J. Crew usually carry a version of them every year. LOVE LOVE LOVE- hope this is helpful and I will keep my eyes open for you as I shop.