Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Pearl Joy's Guide to 2012 Fall Fashion

This upcoming Fall 2012 is set to be one of the most spectacular I have seen in MANY years. The fashion runway shows were not only breathtaking but awe inspiring! Never have I seen such clean, adult like style that I felt so compelled to emulate. I am very excited to get out and scour my favorite shops and vintage abodes for the perfect "MUST HAVES" of the season. With my new inspiring city surroundings I find myself drawn towards "Strong Women" style. Which is perfect because Fashionista's this season predict this will be the go to term for not only designer goods but the occassional knock offs. The looks I am most drawn to drive home feminine touches, embellishments beyond our comprehension, western wear and colliding patterns.
Defenition of Beauty: having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: And no one, no one does it better this Fall than BALMAIN.
The display of beauty and pleasure that Balmain gave to my senses, rejuvenated in me a sense of relief that fashion is truly "my art". Besides my love of Yoga and Travel, Fashion is the closest thing to visual stimulation than the new "Marina Abramovic- The Artist is Present" Documentary on HBO.
Other designer inspirations include: CARVEN
My interpretation:
CHRISTIAN DIOR Coneflower pull over top-R.$88- When you need something easy, simple, well fitting and cheap check out the new MADEWELL Fall 2012 line-
I know I will!!!I have already been living in my new Madewell Coneflower pull over shirt and straight leg jeans.
On the accessory and shoe front I am LOVING stackable bangles in all colors & textures. My new go to bracelet is courtesy of a recent purchase from my friend Kathleen's new shop "Champagne and Shoes"
I am living in my new Micheal Kohr's Carla platforms in Nude- R.$158
I love them so much I will be purchasing in black as well. Korh's has the ability to create heels for work and play that are practical, wide enough and feel like water slipping over your foot- HEAVEN! I will also be recycling my Chocolate Frye Jane boots-R.$297 These were a great buy, with great versatility to my wardrobe- not to mention a ton of compliments.

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