Sunday, August 7, 2011

White is the new Black!

It's a hot-Summer and all I can think about is where is the nearest ocean at?
I needed some inspiration so I looked to one of my favorite colors to wear- WHITE.
The symbolism for wearing white can mean any number of things.
Primarily white being the color of purity.

White and Black have the biggest visual contrast to the human eye. Day and Night. Good and Evil. White is the extreme end of the spectrum of color. It is associated with nature- clouds, flowers, ice and snow.
It has religious connotation. Ihram clothing worn by Muslims during pilgrimage. Egyptians saw white as the color to wear during death. And how about the white flag of surrender in times of war.

Whatever you view the color "white" as, it is one of the most calming colors for me to wear. I love neutrals, creams, taupes, browns, and white. I find them stunning with my skin tone and even better with a tan.

Here are some images that I was inspired by this summer and my own take on the perfect white bohemian summer frock.

The skirt is from H & M organic fabric collection, Tank is from Nordstroms, Earrings are from the new Fall 2011 Cache collection, Bracelet is from NEED SUPPLY, Sunglasses are RayBan Clubmasters, and the Necklace is from House of Harlow 2010 Collection.

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