Friday, August 12, 2011

Standing in the Shadow of Greatness.....

As a musician, I sometimes wonder the genuine quality and raw talent of artists today. You don't have many people writing lyrics like Jim Morrison, that cut you to the core and you recite standing on tables in hotels in Amsterdam. You don't have tone like Billy Holiday- where that twinge of awkward throatyness sounds almost too good to be true. We don't have La Vie En Rose, Piaf's interpretation of perfection and Dinah Washington's perfect use of a language. SO SUBLIME, yet so far away from most music today. Again raw talent.

I am not a HUGE Beyonce fan. I know that she has a true passion for her performances, and it truly looks like she puts her whole heart and soul into her shows and her fans. I had to post this video of her rehearsing for an American Idol performance in the Spring. I was blown away by her sheer understanding for her instrument.

She has the most incredible control of her voice. And the soul and feeling that you get from her when she sings each note.... that is not something that you can teach. That is like dancing a contemporary number with your voice. Perfection. The fact that she is also singing without a mic, and without the use of auto tune furthers my now undying respect for her and her craft. Everyone should be so lucky to witness art in it's finest interpretation. How it was supposed to be used, how it was supposed to be defined.

Thank you my beautiful sister for making my heart skip a beat....

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